On-the-Ground Update

Buyer’s Market for Almonds in the EU as Retail Sales Volumes Decline

Published Oct 21, 2022
The almond market in the EU is currently a buyer's market, with buyers in no rush to sign contracts and waiting and seeing how prices develop into the future. Several discounted offers if prepayment is agreed demonstrate that sellers are becoming increasingly desperate to move almond volumes. Retailers are also seeing sales volumes declining around 20-30% for the nut and dried fruit category, which is not creating any major need to buy in the near term. This is a favourable time for buyers but creates a negative outlook for next year's sales. Volumes of custom cleared Carmen Supreme commodities in the EU are found for as low as FCA USD 4.23-4.34/kg for the 2021 harvest. In essence, the general price trend for almonds is negative in EU markets.
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