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Chilean Salmon Exports Exceed USD 5 Billion in Returns by October 2022

Published Nov 9, 2022
Salmon and trout exports from Chile in the January-October period of 2022. According to a Chilean salmon farming company, 603 thousand tons of salmon and trout were exported, for a value of US 5,380M, compared to the same date in 2021, 583 thousand tons were shipped for US 4,133 million, which represents an increase of 30.2% in returns and 3.4% in volume.
Regarding the destination markets, as of October of 2022, 210,269 tons were shipped to the United States, reaching a value of US 2,407M, a 5% more in volume and 28% higher in value YoY.
Regarding China, 22,270 tons of salmonids were exported for a value of US 165 million, 113% more in volume and 151% more in returns, compared to 2021.
Brazil remains the most important Latin American market for Chilean salmon, with significant increases in terms of export returns. In the first ten months of 2022, 100,789 tons were exported for a value of US 672 million, reflecting a decrease of 5% and an increase of 22%.
Mexico, which has maintained constant growth, received 14,707 tons, valued at US 161 million. These dispatches show an increase compared to 2021 of 13% and 44%, respectively. To Japan, Chile sent 115,835 tons for US$871 million. With a 13% increase in returns and a 3% decrease in volumes.
According to the info shared, other markets that have maintained sustained growth during the first 10 months of 2022, compared to the same period in 2021 are:
Taiwan +109% in returns and +34% in shipments
Thailand +72% in values ​​and +18% in volumes
Canada +62% in returns and +26% in shipments
Colombia +23% in values ​​and -10% in volumes
Finally, Russia maintains negative numbers, mainly reflected in the volumes exported. Thus, between January and October 2022, 26,620 tons worth US 210 million were exported, 30% less in shipments and only a 1% increase in returns compared to 2021.
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