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Later Start of the Eastern Thailand Durian Season in 2024

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Danaiwat Jaidech
Published Feb 16, 2024
On February 14, 2024, the Thailand Department of Agriculture announced the "Eastern Durian Harvest Date Set for 2024" as follows:
1. Kra Dum variety: not before April 15, 2024
2. Chanee and Puangmanee varieties: not before May 5, 2024
3. Monthong variety: not before May 20, 2024
Additionally, they established the average percentage of dry weight in the pulp for each durian variety as a quality standard:
1. Kra Dum variety: not less than 27%
2. Chanee variety: not less than 30%
3. Puangmanee variety: not less than 30%
4. Monthong variety: not less than 32%
This harvest schedule is later than in 2023 due to weather conditions. Normally, the Eastern durian harvest starts in early March.
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