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Thai chicken exporter increases its production capacity to support Europe and Japan markets

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Nithiporn Yotsaphon
Published Feb 21, 2022
GFPT, one of the top 5 Thai chicken exporters, stated that the export volume increased to 7,000 MT in Q4/22 (+30%, QoQ) due to the seasonal orders from European customers. Japan was the top exporter regarding the destination market, accounting for 46%, followed by the EU and China, which took up 33% and 11%, respectively.

The company's sales volume has decreased for the indirect export group because it intended to produce and export chickens domestically. However, the domestic chicken distribution business accounted for only 11%. 2022 production is expected to increase the capacity of cooked chicken from 25 to 50%, from 2,000 MT per month to 2,500-3,000 MT per month.
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