On-the-Ground Update

Increased Brix Grade for Peruvian Kent Mangoes Exports to the Korean Market for the 2022-23 Season

Fresh Mango
South Korea
Innovation & Technology
Supply Chain Management
Daniel Lopez
Published Nov 15, 2022
In 2021-2022, Peruvian exporters who shipped Kent mangoes to Korea had difficulties due to the air pockets presented on the fruit upon arrival on most of the shipments. Kent mangoes were unfit for shipping at a 7 Brix grade, however, it is anticipated that fruit that is more ripened at a 7.2 Brix grade will not exhibit as many air pockets since it will be able to survive high temperatures during heat treatment. Peruvian exporters are planning to harvest and ship at a 7.2 Brix grade this 2022-2023 season to avoid air pockets upon arrival at the Korean market.
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