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Japan’s Demand for Frozen Whole Cooked Mantis Shrimp Is Difficult to Meet Due to Unwillingness From Indonesian Suppliers

David Lee
Updated Jan 3, 2023
The demands for frozen IQF whole-cooked mantis shrimp from Indonesia remain high for industrial use in Japan, but the raw material of the product must be in living condition before processing at the supplier's site. Japan's buyer mandatorily requires mantis shrimp in the size of 10-15cm and alive to keep the high quality of the finished product when reprocessed at the destination. This specific smaller size of mantis shrimp is usually being side caught from local fishing boats around North Sumatra and is rarely found in living conditions, hence keeping it alive up to a domestic processing factory will incur the expensive cost and a high mortality rate. Besides, there is fierce competition with local home industries around the landing site that process raw peeled meat of the mantis shrimp in block frozen selling to neighboring countries like Malaysia via boats, and it is doubtful that the local home industries are processing based on basic international standards of HACCP. In W52, the price in Tokyo stood at USD 10-15/kg CFR for the IQF-cooked whole mantis shrimp, so exporters and suppliers are reluctant to engage in the business.
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