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More than 20 million tons of wheat and barley harvest is expected in Turkey

Ferhat Erdem
Updated Apr 4, 2022
The war between Russia and Ukraine, where 24 percent of the wheat trade is carried out, has affected the markets in general, and Turkey is in an advantageous position as there are only 50 days left before the grain season starts.
We expect a yield of over 20 million tons in Turkey this year, mainly wheat and barley, with a maximum of 3.5-4 million tons for durum. This easily meets Turkey's needs. Both our transferred stocks and the stocks of the industrialists and traders are sufficient enough that no problems are needed. Therefore, we do not think that there will be any problems in the short and medium term.
The Turkish Grain Board (TMO) has been subsidizing the system for months and has provided affordable flour to the industrialists. The real price in the market and the price announced by TMO are still in favor of bakers and flour industrialists. There is a healthy balance in the market before Ramadan.
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