On-the-Ground Update

Stable Beef Prices for the Chinese Market From Uruguay, Argentina, and Chile During W10

Published Mar 11, 2023
In W10, Uruguayan meat confirmed to China, priced shin & shank at USD 6.9K/ton, USD 5K/ton CFR for chuck & blade, round cuts at USD 6-6.1K/ton CFR, eye round USD 6.9K/ton, and flank 13 ribs (5+4+4) at USD 5.6-5.7/ton CFR.
In Argentina, reference prices stood at USD 5K/ton CFR for the cow in 6 cuts. From Chile the price of cow quarter for China is at USD 4.95K/ton CFR.
In the case of sheep from Uruguay, there is a strong demand for lamb carcasses of 9-24 kg at values between USD 5.1-5.2K/ton CFR.
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