On-the-Ground Update

Russian Egg Product Producers Are Ready for New Market Opportunities

Published Aug 12, 2022
The Russian market for eggs and egg products has shown positive growth in recent years in production, consumption and exports. The country ranks among the top ten countries in the world regarding per capita egg consumption. In 2021, egg production in Russia amounted to 44.9 billion eggs, which covered domestic demand with surplus supply for export purposes. Additionally in 2021, the industry began to increase its export potential of egg products with exports of dried egg yolks and other processed products increasing by 48% to USD 4 million. Egg product producers in Russia report that they have the necessary resources and capacity to increase production and are ready to export fresh eggs, egg powder, liquid eggs, and frozen products to new markets.

The geopolitical situation and sanctions related to the Russia-Ukraine war makes it difficult for Russia to export to European markets. It also leads to high production costs, lack of feed, and high electricity prices for egg producers in the EU which is likely to decrease production for countries in this region. The production and export of eggs and egg products from the EU is also expected to be negatively affected by the existing problem of bird flu. This will create new opportunities for other countries producing egg products.
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