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The Canadian lobster spring harvesting season started on 4 May

Fresh Common Lobster
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May 4, 2022
Written by
Agostinho Liu
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The Canadian lobster harvest season is from 4 May until June 30th. The season was delayed a few days due to strong wind and high waves. The scientific research on biomass is very positive and can anticipate a strong landing in the first 3-4 weeks. The minimum carpus size of the lobster will be going up from 77mm to 79mm as a sustainability effort. Therefore, this season will mark the last harvest season for 300-450g of canner lobster.
In 2022, a boat price in February is at USD 20/lb and it is at about USD 10/lb. On the first week of harvest, the processor will focus on packing for the live market in the US and Canada for mother's day. We can anticipate the boat price to settle by next week for frozen processing. Due to softening of the major markets - USA and China, packers are willing to work on pre-booking.
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