Peru Asparagus Guide

Published Sep 30, 2021

Production Supply Chain

What Are Types of Peru Exporting Companies?

There are four main types of exporting companies in Peru - Fully vertically integrated export companies with their production and processing, export companies with production. Still, without processing capacities, export companies without their production but have processing capacities and pure trading companies.

Export companies with production but without processing capacities will sign contracts with third-party processing facilities.

Trade Overview

Which Countries Are the Top Importers of Peruvian Asparagus?

The top importers of Peruvian Asparagus for 2021 were the US, the UK, the Netherlands, Spain, and Canada. Peru's total fresh asparagus export value was USD 566.83M, and the export volume was 143.13M mt in 2021. In 2021, the US was responsible for 58.73% of Peru's export, while the UK, Netherlands, and Spain were responsible for 26.49% of Peru's export. The 5th most significant import, Canada, made up 3.56% of Peru's export value in 2021. Peruvian asparagus exports dropped in the H1 of 2022. Peruvian asparagus exports in all variants (fresh, frozen, and processed) decreased by 7% in volume and 9% in value over the same period in 2021, totaling 78,957 mt and USD 239M.

Source: Tridge 

Seasonality of Main Producing Regions

What Is the Season of Asparagus in Peru?

Peru is one of the few countries where asparagus is harvested year-round. However, around 40% of Peru's harvest occurs between September and December/January. The crop is grown along the country's coastal area with a total of 7,819 ha. Most producing areas(7,056 ha) are in the North, where the crop has traditionally grown for canned white asparagus. The primary distribution departments in Peru are Piura, Freedom, Ancash, Lima, and Ica.

Source: Tridge

General Product Introduction

Common Payment Terms

Payment terms depend on whether the goods will be delivered via air or sea freight. If by air - the buyer will often send payment within 7-21 days of arrival. If by the sea - the parties will negotiate advance on docs (usually around 30%).

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