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Peruvian Mango Guide

Country Specific
Oct 20, 2021
Edited by
Seujin Jang
HS Code: 080450 - Fruit, edible; guavas, mangoes and mangosteens, fresh or dried
FAO Code: 0571 - Mangoes, mangosteens, guavas
Share in Export
≈ 8.21%Rank 4
Share in Import
≈ 0%Rank 145
Share in Production
Export Volume
1Y ≈ 8.35%
Import Volume
1Y ≈ 473.65%

Market outlook

What are the expectations for Peruvian mangoes in 2021?

Mango exports for the 2020/21 campaign will be 15% lower than exports made during the previous year. The main factor that will affect shipments is the drought that affects the north of the country. The Peruvian Association of Mango Producers and Exporters (APEM) estimated that mango exports for the 2020/2021 campaign will exceed 200,000 Tons, a volume that would be far from the 234,000 Tons achieved during the past year (-15%).

The factor affecting mango production is the drought faced by regions off the north coast of Peru. The lack of rainfall, associated with what would be the La Niña Phenomenon, is causing reservoirs not to reach the levels necessary to irrigate the plantations, especially in these key months, because it is when mango plants in that area require continuous irrigation for the fruit to reach the calibers demanded in the international market.

Fresh Mango

What is the production trend for Peruvian mangoes in MY 2020/21?

There was a particular dip in production from the Piura region, and had to partly depend on fruits from Motupe and Casma which produce lesser fruits. Peru’s exports decreased by 11% in volume (205K MT) and 10% in value compared to 2019/20 due to a drought that affected the northern region, as well as a strike by agricultural workers in December and truckers in March. 

The production level for MY 2021/22 is expected to be normal. The price for this year is expected to be lower than last year.

Fresh Mango

Main importers

Who are the main importers of Peruvian mangoes?

Nature's Pride is one of the biggest importers of fruits in the worlds, they are the main importers of Peruvian mangoes with 4.8M USD, customs data does not show who imported 3.6M USD but in third place, we find Global Producers with 3.1M USD, Camposol Fresh with 2.9M USD and CH Robinson with 2.5M USD, we have many other important importers around the world.

Fresh Mango

Which countries are main importers?

The predominant market is Europe and the US, with various countries in Europe demanding different standards. 

Netherlands: +13.2% YoY (2020), +128.5% (2011-2020)

The import quantity of mangoes has increased by 50% over a 5-year period (2016-2020). As the Netherlands is considered to be the gateway to the EU, it might also be more productive to target the rest of Europe. The market consists heavily of Peruvian and Brazilian mangoes

US: +27% YoY (2020)

While the US is the second-largest export market for Peru and has shown a YoY increase of 27%, the expert we have contacted has informed us that the main market of export in his opinion is the US, much more so than Europe. There is competition with Mexico, especially due to lower freight costs. Prices for the last season on the East coast were at USD 3-5 per box, and the West coast USD 5.50 – 9 per box.

Other Eurpean Markets: 

Mangoes traded in the Netherlands and Spain mainly go to Germany, the UK, France, and Portugal. French and Portuguese consumers place high value in the taste, while consumers in Germany and the United Kingdom uphold the highest standards in terms of certification.

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