2023 Bee Industry and Technology Development Report

Market & Price Trends
Innovation & Technology
Published Feb 22, 2024

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China's bee industry has shown positive growth in 2023, despite a decline in honey production due to adverse weather and a reduction in bee farms. The country leads in global honey production, but faces challenges such as decreasing 10-HDA content and pesticide residues. The domestic market for bee products is expected to improve, with stable prices and expanding consumption of royal jelly products. China's bee product exports have not recovered as expected post-pandemic, with a decline in honey, bee pollen, and beeswax exports. Technological advancements in the industry include AI-based digital beehives and anti-theft detection systems, and research focus has shifted from pesticides to bee diseases. The article also highlights the economic and policy aspects of the industry, including the creation of regional public brands and changes in the honey market.
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Abstract: The development of China's bee industry and technology in 2023 shows a positive development trend, and also faces some challenges and opportunities. This article summarizes the development of the bee industry in 2023 from the aspects of domestic bee product production and trade, domestic bee industry technology research progress, etc. Current status, analyzes existing problems in the development of China's bee industry, makes judgments on industry development trends, and puts forward policy recommendations for the development of China's bee industry. As an indispensable part of the animal husbandry industry, China's bee industry occupies a pivotal position in the world Location. Thanks to the in-depth implementation of the national poverty alleviation policy and rural revitalization strategy, the populations of the two main bee species raised in China, Apis cerana (referred to as Chinese bee) and Apis mellifera (referred to as Apis mellifera), have both achieved ...
Source: Foodmate
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