Bulgaria: BGN 9-10 per live weight lamb and BGN 26 in stores

Published Apr 26, 2024

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The article highlights the current prices for lamb meat, lambs, and sheep's milk in Bulgaria, with no changes from the previous year. Lambs are being sold for around BGN 9-10 per kilogram of live weight, and raw sheep's milk is priced at BGN 3 per liter. The Complex Experimental Station (KOS) in Smolyan, run by Tsonka Ojakova, is responsible for these sales, supplying the local Bulgarian market with lambs and a portion of the milk for sour sheep's milk cuts. There is also interest from traders for exporting lambs, mainly to Greece, especially around Easter and St. George's Day. However, the number of sheep in the mountainous regions has seen a significant decrease, as reported by Ojakova.
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The purchase prices of lamb meat, lambs and sheep's milk remain approximately at last year's levels, Tsonka Ojakova, director of the Complex Experimental Station (KOS) - Smolyan, told BTA. Lambs are sold for about BGN 9-10 per kilogram of live weight, while raw sheep's milk is BGN 3 per liter, Ojakova specified. KOS sells its production to companies with slaughterhouses, and the lambs are intended for the Bulgarian market. Before Easter and St. George's Day, traders also appear in the region looking for lambs for export, mainly to Greece. Part of the sheep's milk from the KOS herd will be sold in stores as sour sheep's milk cuts. The sheep raised in the mountainous ...
Source: Dnes
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