Vietnam: A successful year for Binh Dinh's farming industry

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Published Nov 18, 2023

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The Binh Dinh province in Vietnam has achieved positive results in its crop sector for the year 2023. The province has seen increases in rice, corn, peanut, and sesame crops, resulting in higher yields and outputs. The province plans to further optimize its crop production by restructuring crops and seasons, converting rice land to dry crops, and maintaining and replicating large fields for rice seed production. Overall, the farming industry in Binh Dinh is experiencing success and increasing farmers' incomes.
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According to Binh Dinh Department of Crop Production and Plant Protection, in 2023, the province's crop sector will achieve positive results. Throughout the year, the whole province sowed nearly 93,000 hectares of rice, with an output of nearly 639,000 tons. In addition, Binh Dinh also planted nearly 8,670 hectares of corn, an increase of nearly 540 hectares; Productivity reached 63.9 tons/ha, an increase of 0.7 tons/ha over the same period. Peanut crops produce nearly 11,000 hectares, an increase of over 480 hectares; Productivity reached 39.7 tons/hectare, output more than 305,000 tons. Sesame plants produce nearly 2,900 hectares, yield reaches 9.8 ta/ha, output reaches more than 2,870 tons. Vegetables of all kinds are produced on over 16,400 hectares, yield reaches more than 185 quintals/ha, output reaches 305,000 tons... In particular, in 2023, Binh Dinh will successfully implement the restructuring of crops and seasons, contributing to maximizing the production value of the ...
Source: Agriculture
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