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Italy: The failure to agree on Brexit has 'beaten' the North just as the North has 'beaten' the South and Sicily since 1860

Updated Dec 6, 2020
As Professor Bellavista said, "you are always someone's southern" Farmers in Southern Italy and Sicily can be massacred by the globalization of the economy desired by the European Union, by CETA wanted by the European Union and by North African products wanted from the European Union. But if the Brexit agreement between Italy and Great Britain goes to sea, penalizing agriculture in central and northern Italy, well, no, it cannot be done. As long as South and Sicily are penalized, everything is fine, but if you touch the interests of agriculture and industry in Central and Northern Italy linked to agriculture, then things are no longer going well! Should Great Britain find an agreement on Brexit? Good question! On the point of economics, if we really have to say it all, it just doesn't suit him. Because the eventual agreement, in the end, should end commercial relations between Great Britain and the United States of America to favor the EU. And why, then? To protect French and ...
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