Almost 260,000 tons of vegetables and greens were grown in Ukrainian greenhouses

Published May 7, 2024

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Recent data from the State Statistics Service indicates a downturn in agricultural productivity, with a notable 2.8% decrease in the yield of fruits and vegetables grown in closed soil environments, amounting to 253.3 thousand tons, and a 1.5% reduction in the cultivation area to 4.2 thousand hectares. Despite this overall decline, tomato production saw a slight increase of 1%, reaching 142.4 thousand tons. Conversely, cucumber and gherkin yields fell by 7.4% to 106.9 thousand tons, and sweet pepper production improved by 11% to 3.8 thousand tons. The report also highlights a decrease in the production and cultivation area for indoor bulb vegetables and radishes, alongside a drop in leafy and stem vegetable output, despite a marginal increase in their cultivation area.
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This is evidenced by the data of the State Statistics Service. At the same time, the area from which the crop was harvested decreased by 1.5% compared to 2022, to 4.4 thousand hectares. Thus, 253.3 thousand tons (-2.8%) of fruits and vegetables were grown in closed soil, the area of which decreased to 4.2 thousand hectares (-1.5%). Tomatoes were mainly grown in this segment last year — 142.4 thousand tons (+1%). Last year, 106.9 thousand tons of cucumbers and gherkins were harvested in greenhouses (-7.4%), 3.8 thousand tons of sweet pepper (+11%). 1.4 thousand tons of indoor bulb vegetables (leek, shallot, onion, garlic) were collected (-8.4%). Their area decreased by 17.4% to ...
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