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Austria: Yields per hectare for summer cereals below the previous year's level - AMA

Updated Sep 23, 2021
The hectare yields of the grains harvested in Austria in the summer are overall at an average level, but they cannot match the good results of the previous year, reports the AIZ. This is the result of the most recent survey by Agrarmarkt Austria (AMA). With an average of 56.4 dt / ha, common wheat is 9% below the previous year's result (62.2 dt / ha).
Conventional cultivation in Lower Austria achieved a hectare yield of 59.4 dt / ha, which fell below the previous year's level (63.3 dt / ha). The growth phase from March to the end of May with sufficient rainfall, coupled with moderate temperatures, was positive for the winter soft wheat development, which allowed wheat to grow sufficiently and produce a large number of grains per ear. The subsequent grain filling phase, however, was characterized by drought combined with heat, which ultimately resulted in only mediocre yields per hectare. The poor performance of rye was surprising for this year's AMA yield survey. The important type of milled grain recorded an average yield per hectare of 46.7 dt / ha, which corresponds to a decrease of 9% compared to 2020. Winter barley this year, at 64.0 dt / ha, is below the record level of the previous year (69.2 dt / ha). In Upper Austria - an important cultivation area for this crop - the historically largest hail event has reported a drop ...
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