An unexpected breakthrough with the export of Bulgarian potatoes in 2022

Published Dec 30, 2022

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And this year, Bulgaria confirms the unfortunate trend of huge imports of fruits and vegetables and minimal exports, with the difference that because of the high prices, the import of these goods is decreasing. The data is confirmed by the latest analysis of the Ministry of Agriculture, which shows that for the nine months of 2022 - up to and including September, the import of fresh vegetables decreased by nearly 6%. In fruits, there is a growth of 10%, but it is fraudulent because due to the reduced consumption, a large part of the citrus fruits not sold on the domestic market was re-exported. About 45% of fresh fruit imports in the nine months of 2022 were citrus and bananas - a total of 131,300 tonnes, up 1.4% year-on-year. The supply of watermelons (17.4%) and apples (12.7%) occupies a relatively large share of imports, with annual growth of 20.1% and 31.6%, respectively. Imported quantities of strawberries, nuts, peaches, apricots and plums ranged from 4.6% (strawberries) to ...
Source: Sinor
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