Shortage of eggs in the world can leverage Brazilian exports

Updated Feb 14, 2023
An outbreak of avian flu made the egg disappear from supermarket shelves around the world. To Sputnik Brasil, specialists say that the scenario is favorable to exports from Brazil, currently free of cases of the disease. A cheap alternative found by many Brazilians to replace meat as protein in meals, chicken eggs have become a luxury item disputed in several countries. The reason is the global shortage in production, which made the product disappear from supermarket shelves. The crisis affects the United States, Mexico, New Zealand and some European countries, such as the United Kingdom. The shortage and price increase of eggs is due to an outbreak of avian flu. However, other factors contribute to the scenario. In Europe, one of the factors is the increase in the cost of egg production, triggered by the increase in the price of electricity on the continent, generated by the measures adopted by European governments in the midst of the conflict in Ukraine. In New Zealand, a change ...
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