Apparent availability of chickens ready for slaughter decreases slightly from January to February in Brazil

Updated Feb 18, 2023
Although the production of broiler chicks registered an increase of almost 3% from November to December 2022, in terms of daily production it decreased by around half a percent, as December has an extra day. And this was reflected in the apparent supply of birds ready for slaughter 42 days after the first placements. But the drop was minimal.
Thus, if between mid-December and the first days of January the daily apparent supply was around 19.3 million head, from then until the first two weeks of February it was just over 19.2 million head /day, down 0.41%. In both cases, it was an excessive volume for the moment (beginning of the year), when consumption naturally ebbs due, above all, to the holidays of part of the population and the interruption of the school year. This, of course, was reflected in the prices achieved for slaughtered chicken. So much so that, even with exports “bombing” (there were more than 400,000 tons and a historic record for the month of January), the product’s prices – already falling since, practically, the month of November – receded even more, falling to the levels of March last year. Although partial, the population's return to their daily routine ...
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