ASAJA asks the Ministry of Agriculture to act in defense of the Spanish potato

Fresh Common Potato
Published Feb 8, 2023

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Given the campaign launched by the LIDL distribution chain, with potato offers at 0.90 euros/kilo, assuring that it is a new potato (from this campaign) and originating in Spain, ASAJA warns consumers about deception of such an offer and asks the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food to tighten controls on the agents of the agri-food chain so that fraudulent practices that harm both consumers and Spanish producers are detected and sanctioned, where appropriate.

Original content

The new potato of national origin that the producers are putting out for sale at the moment has a price at origin of 0.60 euros/kg. and therefore it is not possible for a distribution chain to market it at the point of sale at 0.90 euros/kg, after adding the costs of processing, washing, netting, labelling, transportation, etc. According to investigations carried out by ASAJA, it is a potato from the previous campaign (subjected to several months of refrigerated storage) and of French origin. Given this, they appeal to common sense and to the responsibility of the food chain and, especially, of distribution, so that it does not use potatoes as a claim product, resorting to imported or lower-quality batches of tubers, trying to destabilize prices and pressure for domestic growers to sell at a loss. Likewise, ASAJA asks the Ministry of Agriculture for maximum diligence when it comes to ensuring compliance with the Law on the agri-food chain. Any pressure to lower producer prices ...
Source: Agroclm
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