Italy: Asparagus and courgettes are not taking off, strawberries are also down

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Published Apr 10, 2024

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Recent surveys have indicated a general decline in the prices of several fruits and vegetables such as asparagus, courgettes, aubergines, and strawberries following the post-Easter holiday period, despite the full spring push into production. This trend is attributed to factors like high production, weak demand, and the typical post-holiday downturn, with specific items like broad beans also seeing a price drop. Conversely, items like onions, radicchio, and to a lesser extent, fennel, are experiencing stable or increasing prices due to factors such as low quantities, good demand, and in the case of onions, an increase in Dutch red onions. The market is also seeing a decrease in availability and slight price increases for artichokes and cauliflowers, attributed to the end of specific campaigns and adverse weather conditions. This situation suggests a stagnation or decrease in market value for key produce items, contrary to expectations of a seasonal increase in supply and prices.
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According to Bmti surveys, declines are also recorded for cauliflowers, artichokes, broad beans and aubergines. Radicchio is still on the rise Asparagus, courgettes, aubergines and strawberries are among the fruit and vegetables that are most affected by the post-Easter holiday period and show general declines compared to the previous week. According to Bmti surveys, broad beans also follow this trend, while onions and radicchio continue to travel at high levels. Asparagus going downhill Prices in sharp decline for asparagus, as typically happens in the weeks following the Easter holidays. Campaign progressing at a good pace and with high quantities, in the face of stable demand, despite the excellent quality favored by the good climate. Prices in line with the period for the Bianco del Veneto variety, with high values in the markets of central and southern Italy, where availability is very low as it is not a product typically consumed in these regions. Artichokes running out Once ...
Source: Terraevita
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