Australia exports 24,136t chickpeas, 116,768t lentils in April

Published Jun 12, 2024

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In April, Australia saw a significant decrease in the export of chickpeas and lentils, with chickpea exports falling by 53% to 24,136 tonnes and lentil exports dropping by 34% to 116,768 tonnes, compared to March. Bangladesh was the leading recipient of both pulses, followed by India, the United Arab Emirates, and Nepal. The removal of tariffs by India on Australian chickpeas led to increased shipments to the country. Additionally, a multicargo shipment of both chickpeas and lentils is expected to arrive in India soon to offload current-crop stocks in Queensland.
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Australia exported 24,136 tonnes of chickpeas and 116,768t of lentils in April, according to the latest data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Bangladesh was the top destination for both pulses in April, taking 9176t of chickpeas and 40,053t of lentils. The United Arab Emirates on 6670t and Nepal on 4114t were the second and third-largest destinations for chickpeas shipped in April. India on 25,897t and UAE on 17,719t were the second and third-largest destinations for lentils shipped in April. Volume for both commodities fell sharply over April, chickpeas by 53 percent from the March total of 50,932t and lentils by 34pc from 177,662t exported in March. India removed its tariffs on Australian chickpeas early last month, and bulk cargoes arrived in India ahead of the widely anticipated announcement. Shipping stems indicate one combination cargo of Australian chickpeas and lentils will discharge in India next month to clear out bulk current-crop stocks in Queensland. However, ...
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