Australia: Free-range cattle reaches a record and is almost half the work

Updated Mar 6, 2023
By 2022, feedlots have established themselves as a critical component of the Australian beef supply chain, accounting for a record 47% of total cattle slaughter. Domestic cattle penning capacity in 2022 continued its upward trajectory and the industry expected to have space available for 1.532 million head (assuming 100% utilization) in the fourth quarter of 2022.
Faxmeat | Compared to the fourth quarter of 2021, the increase is 5.5% or 79 thousand head in 12 months. The total cattle finished in pens in 2022 was 2.74 million head. Although the amount contracted compared to 2021, its percentage as a total of the work reached a record of 47%. The 10-year average for grainfed animals is 38% of the total slaughter, so the 2022 percentage demonstrates the shift Australian livestock are making to produce more grain-fed beef. Considering the significant number of ...
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