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In Turkey, Bandırma fishermen are hopeful for the new year

Bandırmalı balıkçılar yeni yıldan umutlu
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Jan 3, 2022
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BALIKESİR (AA) - Fishermen in Bandırma district of Balıkesir, located in Southern Marmara, started the new year with the expectation of abundance of catch. Last month, 1330 cases of sardines, 1332 cases of anchovies, 4 thousand 177 cases of horse mackerel, 1858 cases of bluefish, 3 thousand 166 cases of scallops, 799 cases of mullet were sold at Balıkesir Tarım Ürünleri AŞ Bandırma Fisheries Market, which is affiliated to Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality, where fish are sent to various provinces of Turkey. traded. Nihat Işık, President of the Seafood Hunters Producers Central Union, said in a statement that the fishermen suffered greatly in the 2020-2021 fishing season due to mucilage. Stating that the unrealistic discourses that the fish caught from Marmara should not be consumed were also effective in this, Işık said, "Mucilage is not something that only happens in 2020. We experienced these in the 1990s, 2001 and 2007. We ate the fish, too, in mucilage. We also hunted. There ...
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