UAE beef lands in the Persian Gulf

Updated Mar 15, 2023
The UAE has become one of the priority distribution centers for European beef, as it is a strategic and logistic point of enormous relevance in the Persian Gulf environment. Currently, production levels in this area are minimal, while consumption skyrockets to more than 150,000 tons/year, which makes it a country with a large and growing demand for this product. Spain is in the top 30 of the suppliers of this country, with growing figures that reach 300 tons in the year 2021, representing an important advance with respect to the demands of Spanish product in previous years. This circumstance is due to the fact that Emirati consumers, connoisseurs of high-quality products and with high purchasing power, increasingly request meat products with excellent flavor, tenderness and juiciness, as our meat provides.
The culture of consumption of low-fat products has also been imposed, such as that obtained from meat from young animals, a differential characteristic of our products. The presentation of the characteristics of our meat in the first activity, before influencers, aims to energize the information about our product, so that access is facilitated to the consumer who still does not know us. In the words of José Ramón Godoy, director of Internationalization of PROVACUNO, “a premium meat for a country as demanding in quality as the UAE, is as attractive as it is necessary; The change in dietary trends towards the consumption of low-fat products also places our beef squarely in the possible demands of the Emirati society”. On the other hand, the prestigious ...
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