What are the requirements for exporting Ukrainian raspberries to the EU?

Frozen Raspberry
Published Jan 11, 2022

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For example, frozen berries are exported by Progress Berry Farm (Kharkiv Oblast). Currently, 13.5 hectares of organic raspberries are grown here, with an average yield of 7.5 tons per hectare. In addition, the farm grows strawberries, gooseberries and currants. Last year, the farm completed the construction of its own shop for freezing products. Progress Berry sells part of its harvest in Ukraine and sells the rest to Austria and Poland. The berries are carefully inspected before export. Raspberries must meet the requirements for sorting, calibration and packaging, says farm owner Oleg Kudlay. Currently, raspberries and currants are especially popular among berries, and some varieties of plums and cherries are especially popular among stone fruits. But both cherries and raspberries are now more profitable to grow for freezing. You can also develop niche products such as cranberries, ...
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