Colombia: Bolívar, Sucre, and Córdoba feel the shortage and high prices

Published May 26, 2021

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Although the departments of Bolívar, Sucre and Córdoba have not suffered as severely from blockades on their roads, the effect is felt by what is happening in the rest of the country. This is how food and raw materials cannot arrive and what there is has high prices. According to Jesús Zapata Obregón, Regional Coordinator of Fedegán - FNG in Bolívar and Sucre, the impact has been less, a blockage in the western trunk between Corozal and Sincelejo where they destroyed and set fire to the toll there.

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Likewise at the height of the municipality of Turbaco there has been a blockade and the Mamonal variant. This has obstructed the entry and exit of products to Cartagena. (Read: The good time of milk in Córdoba and Sucre) However, for the foot-and-mouth disease vaccination that began this Monday, there is no problem, the biological was received and the vaccinators report no news. The mobilizations in this area of the country have occurred mainly in the urban areas of Sincelejo, Cartagena and Magangué However, in recent days the Cartagena Chamber of Commerce ruled by rejecting the blockades that are being carried out, for example, in the industrial zone of Mamonal, a determining axis for the economic development engine of the city. "The present blockades violate fundamental rights such as the right to life, work, free mobility, economic, social and cultural development, as well as the right to health." The blockades directly impact workers who must travel to and from their jobs ...
Source: MXContexto
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