Brazil increases bean exports, volume from January to November surpasses last year's volume

Dried Common Bean
Dried Mung Bean
Published Dec 14, 2021

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With no area to increase production in Paraná, grain producer Ralph Karly de Guarapuava acquired land in Baixa Grande do Ribeiro, in Piauí, four years ago. There, it invests in the production of beans for export of the mungo type, which is greenish, smaller and rounder than the popular Rio beans and widely consumed in Asia.

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Son and grandson of German farmers, Karly this year planted 4,000 hectares on the 15,000-hectare property in crop rotation with soybean and corn, obtained a productivity of around 2,000 kilograms per hectare and exported 42 containers of 25 tons each through of a trading. Mungo beans produced in Piauí (Photo: Ralph Karly/Divulgação) The variety chosen by Karly was the basis of Brazilian bean exports, which reached a record 200,000 tons from January to November this year, 74 thousand tons of which are mung beans, with total revenue of US$188 thousand or R$1.05 billion. In the whole of last year, 177,400 tons were shipped. Traditionally, Brazil exports very little beans because at least 60% of the production of the approximately 3 million tons per year harvested in three seasons are of the Rio de Janeiro type, which is only consumed in Brazil. Consumption, which was 21 kilos per inhabitant in the 1970s, has been falling over the last 40 years. Last year, there was a slight increase, ...
Source: Agroinforme
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