Brazil opens markets for beef, dairy products and genetic material

Published Jan 5, 2022

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Brazil will start exporting beef, dairy products and poultry and bovine genetic material to new countries. Eight markets for Brazilian agricultural products were opened in December, according to information supplied by the Ministry of Agriculture's Secretariat for Trade and International Relations. The most recent was the possibility of exporting bovine fibroblasts for cloning purposes from Brazil to Argentina, which was formalized last Thursday (30) with the acceptance of phytosanitary protocols by both countries. At the end of December, Cuba released the entry of embryo and bovine semen from Brazil. Malaysia allowed the importation of Brazilian beef and offal of beef origin from the country. To Colombia, Brazil obtained the guarantee to export meat and bone meal and beef tallow. Mexico authorized the sale of Brazilian dairy products and Uganda of poultry genetic material from Brazil. In 2021, the portfolio totaled 77 market opening actions, which means the possibility of ...
Source: PortalDBO
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