Brazil: Working on transparency with WUR in the Amazon

Fresh Acai
Published Nov 24, 2023

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The project Absolutely Amazonian aims to ensure transparency in the supply chain of açaí, cupuaçu, and cocoa in the Amazon region. It seeks to prevent deforestation and maintain agroforestry systems by tracing the origin of these products. The project faces challenges in developing a tool that can accurately identify the origin of products in the unique circumstances of the Amazon region.
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Why do we invest in transparency of agroforestry supply chains in the Amazon? Açaí is a superfood from the Amazon forest that is increasingly popular in Europe. The small berry is among others grown in the Northern Brazilian state of Pará, often in biodiverse agroforestry systems. With growing demand there is a risk that farmers change their production methods to mono culture to increase productivity to meet the demand. This could lead to deforestation while Aҫaí is one of the products that could support a bio economy in which nature and income for local communities go hand in hand. What will the project do? Absolutely Amazonian brings together experts from Wageningen, Dublin and Brazil to research the possibilities to ensure transparency of the supply chain for aҫaí and the two other products. Technically the project aims to design the Synergistic Technology Fusion System to trace the three selected commodities, açaí, cupuaçu, and cocoa, and products thereof from the forest to ...
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