Bread will not rise in price in Georgia

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Published Apr 9, 2024

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In Georgia, bread prices are anticipated to remain stable due to a consistent supply of wheat and flour, largely imported from Russia. Despite circulating rumors about potential price hikes, wheat and flour producer Levan Silagava has confirmed that the country is well-stocked with reserves and is experiencing a stable situation in both local and global markets. The ease of transportation from Russia, Georgia's primary supplier, helps keep production costs steady, ensuring bread prices do not increase. The country's current reserves are expected to suffice for a month, with an additional shipment anticipated in the next two weeks.
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Bread prices in Georgia will remain at the same level. The cost of production will be kept the same due to supplies from Russia. The cost of bread in Georgia will not increase due to the fact that there is no shortage of wheat in the country. Wheat and flour producer Levan Silagava spoke about this. Opposition forces began to spread information that bread prices might rise in the republic. “In recent months, the situation with wheat prices in the country has been stable. We have quite large reserves, since wheat and flour are supplied stably. There is also a certain amount of Georgian wheat locally, and stability remains. The situation is the same on the world market.” – Levan Silagava He said that Russia remains the main supplier of ...
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