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UK: Brexit concerns about strengthening customs controls in 2022

Brexit: preocupa el fortalecimiento de los controles aduaneros en 2022
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United Kingdom
Regulation / Agreement
Dec 16, 2021
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A year after the United Kingdom left the European Union, several MEPs meeting in the Agriculture Committee expressed their fears that the situation would worsen in 2022, once the post-Brexit tariff and health procedures are fully implemented. . Especially if Brussels and London do not finalize their discussions in relation to the digitization of health certificates.
Another worrying aspect is the consequences linked to the free trade agreements concluded by London, which could hamper the competitiveness of the beef sector in the British market. In the framework of the public hearing on the impact of Brexit on European agricultural markets, several MEPs from the Committee on Agriculture (Comagri) expressed their concern about the important consequences that the effective implementation by part of the European agricultural sectors could have on of the United Kingdom of the requirement of pre-notification of agri-food imports on January 1, 2022 and of phytosanitary certificates on July 1, 2022. In the event that there is no mutual recognition of customs administrative formalities, but also on the sanitary and phytosanitary field with a veterinary agreement, MEPs warned that the impact of Brexit will be much more important than in 2021 (considered as a transition year already London decided in September to postpone the introduction of full border ...
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