Brazil: 2022 production of broiler chicks was lower than the previous year

Updated Feb 17, 2023
In December 2022, Brazilian production of broiler chicks reached the highest volume in more than two years, just below the historic mark of 629 million, recorded in October 2020. According to APINCO, production for the month totaled 621 .7 million head, a volume that represented an increase of 1.55% over the same month of 2021, but which – according to the daily average – corresponded to a decrease of almost half a percent compared to the previous month, November 2022.
With this result, the total produced in the year was close to 6.870 million head, a result that meant a reduction of almost 1% over production in 2021, the year in which 6.932 million broiler chicks were registered, the highest annual volume in the history of the sector. . The drop observed resulted from a reduction of just over 3% in the first half of the year, partially offset by an increase of 1.16% in the second half. During this period, ...
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