USA: California LGMA embarks on romaine test and learn study

Fresh Lettuce
United States
Published Jul 11, 2023

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The California LGMA has launched a two-year food safety study called 'Romaine Test & Learn,' which will collect and analyze pathogen test data for romaine lettuce. This initiative, approved by the LGMA Advisory Board, aims to use aggregated data from individual testing to better understand potential risks and improve food safety in the fresh produce industry. Over 90% of LGMA members conduct romaine lettuce pathogen testing, and the project will collect and analyze all their test data for the next two years using the GreenLink data sharing and analytics platform.
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Two Years of Pathogen Test Results will be Aggregated and Analyzed to Advance Food SafetyJuly 10, 2023 Salinas, CA: Today the California LGMA (Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement) BB #:210653 announced it has initiated a 2-year food safety study called ‘Romaine Test & Learn.’Approved unanimously by the LGMA Advisory Board, the study involves collecting and analyzing LGMA members’ pathogen test data for romaine lettuce including both pre-harvest and post-harvest testing.“Romaine Test & Learn represents the most significant change the LGMA has made to benefit food safety since its inception,” says Jan Berk, LGMA Chair. “This program will allow our members’ individual testing data to collectively provide meaningful, aggregated data to better understand potential risks.”Romaine Test & Learn was inspired by the Aviation Safety Information Analysis and Sharing program used to revolutionize commercial aviation through aggregation and sharing of safety data – to our knowledge this is the ...
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