Indonesian farmers caring for cocoa farms in increasing the farmers' income

Cocoa Bean
Published Apr 3, 2021

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TABLOIDSINARTANI.COM, Aceh - Chocolate and its drinks are loved by all ages. However, to serve it, the cocoa plant that produces the chocolate needs care, so that it is of high quality and has an interesting taste. Pidie District, has enormous potential in the plantation sector. Besides there are several mainstay commodities such as Arabica coffee, coconut, areca nut, candlenut, sago and pepper as well as cocoa.

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Deputy Regent of Pidie, Fadlullah TM Daud, ST, conveyed this while giving a speech at the Mass Pruning Cocoa Movement activity in the village / village of Siron Paloh Padang Tiji, Pidie Regency (1/4/21). The area of cocoa in Pidie continued the Vice Regent of 10,376 ha, spread over several areas including Tangse sub-district covering 2,830 ha, Glumpang Tiga 1,657 ha, Padang Tiji 1,563 ha, Titue 1,092 ha with a productivity of 581 kg / ha and production reaching 3,625 tonnes. The Pidie Regency Government continues to strive to increase production in the plantation sector and is one of the development priorities. "There are several problems faced by cocoa farmers, including many old plants, lack of maintenance (pruning and fertilization), lack of HPT control and also planting of seeds that are not superior", he explained. Though pruning is an action to optimize production value in a sustainable manner. The effect of pruning on cocoa plants has a huge impact, namely rejuvenating old ...
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