Chile: The Ministry of Agriculture heads the first Fruit Fly Council with unions

Published Jun 12, 2024

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The Ministry of Agriculture in Chile recently held the inaugural meeting of the Fruit Fly Council, led by the Undersecretary of Agriculture and the national director of the Agricultural and Livestock Service. The council's aim is to devise strategies to combat the fruit fly pest, with participation from various agricultural organizations, unions, and the export sector. The 2024 status of the pest in the country was discussed, along with the effects of climate change and illegal agricultural product entries from the northern macrozone. The government is considering legislative changes to strengthen sanctions, and has allocated over 10 billion pesos to maintain Chile's fruit fly-free status, a crucial factor in its international trade and food security.
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In the offices of the Ministry of Agriculture, the first session of the Fruit Fly Council was held, a body headed by the Undersecretary of Agriculture Ignacia Fernández and the national director of the Agricultural and Livestock Service (SAG), José Guajardo Reyes. The Council was created with the objective of addressing, together with other agricultural organizations and representatives of unions and the export sector, strategies to advance in the fight against the fruit fly. The meeting was attended by representatives of the INIA, ODEPA, Frutas de Chile, Fedefruta, Vinos de Chile, Cherry Committee and ANPROS. At the meeting, the 2024 status of the pest in the country was reviewed and the great work on the ground that the SAG is deploying in various eradication campaigns due to fruit fly outbreaks between the regions of Arica and Parinacota to O'Higgins, and How this is related to the illegal entry of agricultural products from the northern macrozone. "This is a work that is by ...
Source: MXfruit
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