Chilean citrus fruits on the right foot this season

Published Jun 17, 2024

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Chilean citrus exports have reached 36,833 tons by week 23, marking a slight 1% decrease from the previous year. Despite harvest delays due to rain, the fruit quality remains high, supported by favorable weather and strong phytosanitary standards. The majority of exports (85%) are directed to the United States, with promotional efforts also targeting Japan. The industry faces challenges such as drought and the need to explore new markets, while successes include maintaining high fruit quality and effective marketing. Additionally, increasing competition from other southern hemisphere countries like Peru, Argentina, Uruguay, and South Africa underscores the importance of diversifying citrus varieties to meet demand in China and Asia, and maintaining competitiveness through high-quality, clean, and cost-effective production.
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As of week 23, Chilean citrus exports total 36,833 tons of volume, 1% less compared to the same date in 2023. In this context, with shipments at full speed, spoke with the manager of the Citrus Committee , Monserrat Valenzuela, who commented in detail on the behavior of the fruit and the promotional actions. How has the quality and condition of the fruit been? Quality is a factor of constant concern for producers and exporters, which is why the industry is in constant innovation. Producers and exporters incorporate technologies to produce quality citrus fruits efficiently, increasing productivity and competitiveness in the markets. Internal quality is an important factor and markets demand quality and safety. The rain and cool weather this season have accelerated color development and the fruit has good internal quality. Furthermore, Chile has a privileged phytosanitary status as a fruit fly-free country and can reach different markets without cold treatment. ...
Source: MXfruit
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