Italy: Citrus growing, from weaknesses to new perspectives

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Published Dec 22, 2020

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The national and Lucanian offer of citrus fruits in an evolving production and commercial context. It was discussed at the “XXIV Day of Citrus Growing” organized by Alsia Basilicata In the last decade (2010-2019) the national citrus fruit area has decreased by 16% and the decrease has involved oranges, clementines, mandarins and lemons.

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The "24th Day of Citrus Growing" organized by the Lucanian Agency for Development and Innovation in Agriculture (Alsia) investigated the reasons for this sharp decrease and the search for prospects for recovery in the citrus sector. The seminar dealt with the economic and commercial aspects of the sector and the critical issues relating to both the production and marketing of citrus fruits, but also the novelties regarding varieties and rootstocks to be introduced in citrus groves to meet the new needs of the markets and allow adequate profitability to citrus farms. Citrus growing in Italy «Italy is one of the top ten citrus producing countries in the world - introduced Filippo Radogna, of the Phytosanitary Service of the Basilicata Region -. After Brazil, China, United States, Mexico, India, Spain, which in recent decades has been able to implement important national development plans for the sector, and Iran, in eighth place is Italy, followed by Nigeria and Turkey. Italy no ...
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