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Climate change increases fruit and vegetable yields by 15-20% in Ukraine

Updated Dec 9, 2020
Farmers must protect their crops and plantations from heat, drought, lack of snow in the fields, take care of irrigation or the transfer of greenhouse products in the open ground. As in the Kherson region, where climatic conditions are already similar to the subtropics, and this is well known to local farmers, who had to adjust the list of products grown in favor of more heat-loving crops. "Ukraine's climate is changing even faster than global warming. If the average global temperature increase today is 1.1 ° C, in Ukraine this figure reaches almost 1.5 ° C, and over the past decade the air temperature in our country has risen by 2 ° C, "- says the head of agrometeorology Ukrhydrometcenter Tatiana Adamenko . The subtropical climate of Kherson region allows farmers to harvest two or three crops of such traditional crops ...
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