Brazil: Ministry of Agriculture defines phytosanitary rules for importing corn seeds from Thailand

Updated Sep 23, 2023
São Paulo, 09/22/2023 - The Ministry of Agriculture defined the phytosanitary requirements for the import of corn seeds produced in Thailand, with the aim of preventing the entry of diseases, pests and foreign vegetables into Brazilian crops and guaranteeing the purity of the imported lots. According to Ordinance SDA/Mapa 891, of 9/20/2023, the seeds must be accompanied by the Phytosanitary Certificate, issued by the National Phytosanitary Protection Organization (ONPF) of Thailand, with declarations that the lot is free of insects of the Cryptolestes species turcicus, Latheticus oryzae, Sitophilus granarius, Stegobium paniceum and Trogoderma angustum. To guarantee the purity of the batches in relation to not mixing them with other types of seeds or vegetables and also the entry of foreign plants with the potential to become pests in Brazilian crops, the ordinance also defines that it must be declared that the shipment is free of plants. or seeds of Brachiaria paspaloides, Cleome ...
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