Demand for sweet potatoes is growing around the world, which countries provide the main supply?

Sweet Potato
Market & Price Trends
Published Nov 1, 2023

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The global sweet potato market is experiencing expansion, with growing interest in the product worldwide. However, there are varying market conditions across different regions. In the Netherlands, supplies from Egypt are declining, resulting in a more stable market, while Spain and Portugal are facing quality issues due to dry summers. In the United States, prices are high on the local market, limiting export opportunities, whereas Belgium has a strong sweet potato season and is becoming a more prominent player internationally. Germany has a stable demand for Spanish sweet potatoes, and Italy is witnessing growing interest in the crop.
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Belgium has a great sweet potato season thanks to ideal weather conditions, although the country is a less important player internationally. EastFruit talks about this with reference to the FreshPlaza review. In Germany there is a stable demand for Spanish sweet potatoes, especially in large sizes. Indoor growing is gaining momentum. In Italy, sweet potatoes are becoming increasingly popular, with production occurring in both the north and south. Meanwhile, North America is seeing a decline in sweet potato supplies as acreage declines, with rising production costs and increased competition from countries such as Egypt affecting prices and export demand. Netherlands: Egyptian sweet potato supplies dwindle, US prices rise amid good local demand “Right now we are seeing supplies from Egypt dwindling a little bit because smaller exporters are moving to other products. This leaves real sweet potato producers, which means a slightly more stable market situation,” says a Dutch sweet ...
Source: Eastfruit
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