Vietnam: Digital transformation for sustainable agricultural sector

Published Oct 30, 2021

Original content

Digital transformation for agriculture is an urgent requirement. This is the opinion of the delegates at the seminar "Digital transformation in crop production - smart agriculture, circular agriculture, applied technologies and the role of businesses and households", organized by the Sub-Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. Cultivation and Plant Protection (Department of Agriculture and Rural Development) held on October 29. FAST SOME MODELS Information at the workshop, the Sub-Department of Cultivation and Plant Protection (Pesticide Protection) said that in the province, there have been a number of agricultural models applying digital technology and smart agriculture. The application focuses on several stages: input data collection, data processing, storage and control, and production monitoring and control. These applications, mostly connected to mobile devices, make it easy for businesses, cooperatives and farmers to use and track. For example, the high-tech ...
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