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Durum wheat holds up to the depressive push, declines on soft wheat in Italy, Europe, and the world

Updated Mar 3, 2023
The generalized declines on international stock exchanges also affect soybeans after months, due to the record harvest in Brazil. Weak trades on maize Soft wheat, the descent resumes Italy It seems that the doubts about global availability and from the Black Sea have cleared up; the Stock Exchanges materialize the news with reductions also for national origin between 3 €/t in Milan and 6 €/t in Bologna.
Product availability adequate to market demands, but local origins are scarce for blends in favor of community and foreign replacements, with a greater supply for strength grains. The arrival of rains in the North temporarily improves water stress, but the situation is still unresolved. Markets that quote the situation in real time and tend downwards, with "Bologna-type" wheat arriving in the North dropping to €390-400/t returned, with superior bread-making products below €350/t and "mixed" ones around €315-320 €/t; declining community "base", strength and "spring" in North America. Europe Operators intent on deciphering the possible evolution of the markets under climatic influences (drought in some EU areas and in France) and geopolitical influences (renewal of the Black Sea "corridor"), with attention also to clearing prices for purchase auctions in the Mediterranean area. Locally trade remains lively also due to the drop in prices, which stimulates hedging also in the 2023/24 ...
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