Ecuador cannot find a market to sell bananas intended for the Russian Federation

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Published Feb 17, 2024

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Ecuador is facing challenges in finding a market for its bananas due to restrictive measures introduced by Russia. The country has been unable to sell the volume of bananas that Russia typically purchases, despite high domestic demand. As a result, Ecuadorian banana companies are redirecting their products to the Middle East and Central Asia, but these markets do not match the Russian Federation. In 2023, Ecuador exported 75 million boxes of bananas to Russia, which accounted for 21% of its global supply. The restrictions were imposed due to concerns about the detection of the polyphagous humpback fly, a quarantine concern for Russia and EAEU member countries.
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Ecuador cannot find a market to sell the volume of bananas that Russia usually purchased before the introduction of restrictive measures. This was reported by the Ecuadorian newspaper Primicias, citing the executive director of the Ecuadorian Banana Marketing and Export Association (Acorbanec), Richard Salazar. According to the publication, Ecuadorian banana companies, in respect of which the Russian Federation introduced restrictions on February 5, decided to send their products that did not end up in Russia to the countries of the Middle East and Central Asia. Possible markets for bananas include Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and the UAE. At the same time, Salazar claims that bananas “do not remain in the country,” Ecuador “is experiencing a period of high demand for bananas,” but the country cannot find a market comparable to the Russian Federation. According to the association, Ecuador exported 75 million boxes of bananas to Russia in 2023, ...
Source: Kvedomosti
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