Ecuador will be able to export blueberries to China

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Published Feb 13, 2024

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Ecuador has signed a trade agreement with China that will allow Ecuadorian blueberries to enter the Chinese market with zero tariffs from May 2021. This is seen as a significant opportunity for Ecuador's blueberry industry, which currently exports mainly to the US, Europe, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore. The agreement is expected to increase cultivation and job opportunities in Ecuador, although challenges remain in identifying the best blueberry varieties for export and establishing phytosanitary protocols.
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In May of this year, the agreement between Ecuador and China will come into force, where blueberries will be able to enter with zero tariffs. To learn more details, we spoke with the general manager of EcuaBlue, Diego Paredes, who defined the agreement as a great opportunity for Ecuador, mainly for blueberries. "We grow blueberries at altitude, 52 weeks a year and we have the advantage that companies like Monte Blue have supported us a lot." He indicated that it is a great advantage to be able to start this path, “because little by little we have to work it to be able to get our blueberries to China. Now we have the signing of the Free Trade Agreement, the opening of the phytosanitary protocols is still missing; So there is still a long way to go.” He explained that customers are looking for a great experience every week of the year. “And that is something we can do here in Ecuador by being able to grow the best varieties every week.” Paredes pointed out that Ecuadorian ...
Source: MXfruit
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