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End of blueberry export season and increase in grape imports, results of August 2022 in Georgia

Updated Nov 10, 2022
The end of the summer of 2022 in foreign trade in vegetables and fruits in Georgia brought rather mixed results. Thus, the import of oranges decreased compared to the same month last year, and a record amount for August was imported of grapes. Meanwhile, exports of hazelnuts and figs from Georgia have declined, and the blueberry export season has come to an end altogether. As for watermelons, in this segment, the growth in trade volumes occurred both in exports and in imports.
EF Trade Alerts. Georgia. melons The main reason for the growth in exports of watermelons from Georgia in August was a sharp increase in demand for this product in the Ukrainian market. Nevertheless, the Georgian market itself was still focused on imports from Turkey. So, if only a little more than 600 tons of watermelons were exported from Georgia, then 1.6 thousand tons of these melons were imported into the country during the same month. At the same time, Turkey remained the main exporter of watermelons to the Georgian market, while Georgian importers purchased only 74 tons of this product from Azerbaijan. Although imports in August this year were nowhere near the results of May and June, as well as August 2019, they still turned out to be unusually high. As for the export of watermelons, the share of Ukraine in sales from Georgia was 68%, with the rest going to the markets of Armenia or Romania. It should be noted that in August last year, the export of watermelons from ...
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