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Russia: Watermelon exports increased and volume of exported cucumbers decreased significantly in July 2021

Updated Oct 14, 2021
If we consider in detail the situation with international trade in fruit and vegetable products in Russia during July 2021, we can note the most dramatic changes in trade indicators in the segment of seasonal berries, fruits and melons. And at the same time, in the segment of potatoes and vegetables of the borsch set, analysts practically did not notice fluctuations in terms of trade volumes, both for export and for import.
Vegetables As early as the first decade of the second month of this summer, representatives of greenhouse complexes in Russia announced the completion of the next turnover of the cucumber crop, and the supply of products both to the domestic market and for export was gradually decreasing. So, according to the results of June 2021, almost 3,000 tons of cucumbers were exported from Russia, when for the entire July, export volumes decreased threefold. According to the results of the second summer month, EastFruit analysts recorded a strengthening of the downward trend in the supply of cabbage, in particular early varieties, in the Russian market. As a result, after the peak month of April, the volumes of cabbage exported on a monthly basis decreased. But, as noted above, the total volumes of cabbage sold to foreign markets were insignificant. So, during June 2021, about 700 tons of cabbage were exported, and already in the reporting month, export volumes decreased to 300 tons. Market ...
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