Egypt continues to diversify its exports of fresh products, potatoes have been added to Morocco and fresh strawberries to Canada

Published Apr 26, 2024

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Egypt's Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation has announced new export routes for domestic producers, with Morocco authorizing the import of Egyptian potatoes and adjustments made for the export of fresh strawberries to Canada. Despite the challenges in these markets, Egyptian exporters are expected to compete well, especially in the case of strawberries. This is part of broader government initiatives to diversify trade and increase foreign exchange earnings. Meanwhile, Egyptian mango and guava exports to the EU have tripled in volume and are growing in the face of food inflation and logistics costs, with the Netherlands serving as a key re-export hub.
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Egypt's Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation recently announced two new export routes for domestic producers. Morocco's National Food Safety Authority has authorized the import of Egyptian potatoes, while Egyptian officials have adjusted protocols for the export of fresh strawberries destined for Canada, East Fruit reports. Industry experts say these emerging markets pose significant challenges because of their unique market dynamics. Notably, the nascent potato trade from Morocco is expected to start with modest volumes. Meanwhile, fresh strawberry exports to Canada are expected to face strong competition from geographically close suppliers. Historically, fresh potato imports into Morocco have been moderate, with annual fluctuations between 37,000 and 62,000 tons over the past six years. Both Morocco and Egypt mainly import seed potatoes to grow this crop for domestic consumption and export. In addition, Morocco plays a key role in the potato market in the Sahel region, ...
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